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After 25 wonderful years in business,
it is our pleasure to announce that effective
January 1, 2017, Square One has been acquired by
Anne McGilvray and Company.
        All of Square One's staff have accepted positions at AMCI.  
Well, OK, not Jan and Alan, who are gleefully doing
whatever it is that mostly retired people do.
Here's how you can contact the old gang from SQ1 or AMCI to continue to order great product for your store or organization.


Anne McGilvray & Company   
Email: info@annemcgilvray.com
Phone: 800-527-1462

Amy Meyer
Email: ameyer@annemcgilvray.com

Mobile: 612-219-6865

Liz Dudley (Formerly Benson)
Email: ldudley@annemcgilvray.com

Mobile: 612-750-7503
Fax: 651-998-1088

Sharon Reilly-WI
Email: sreilly@annemcgilvray.com

Mobile: 608-963-0742
Fax: 877-771-9472

Judy Cleveland
Email: minneapolis@annemcgilvray.com


Jan Borene (Just if you want to say hello)
Email: JanBorene17@gmail.com


Thank you all very much for your business and friendship.


we only sell sold the good stuff.




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